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The Grat Opera

The raw material of the great work in the upper world is enthusiasm
and activity. In the intermediate world is intelligence and industriousness. In the lower world is work.
So the great work is the energy that comes from the directions of the universe, which we call the zodiac from where qualities come, which are charged with the forces of the planets of our solar system.
"Environment of experimentation" on the specific planet earth where we are born. Recapitolando: first there are qualities in the cosmos that invest us with the valences of the signs. When w conceive a child, we are immersed in a field of forces that invest us from 12 archetypal directions. At the same time, we are gestationally attached to the forces - planets of our solar system, in this phase we are galactic of the solar system.
When we come out of the maternal womb we associate with the earth with a precise time, we give origin to the astrological houses, that is where our initial moment wants to take us in building a life or objective love or subjective love.
In the project of the great work we must direct our energies towards realization - evolution, or towards failure - involution, with our free will.
The tree of good and evil that we have decided to face; in fact, evil is not the antithesis of good, but it is a badly directed love; because we think only of our ego; we will love in a wrong way; therefore we will make others suffer, while if we love our neighbor without fault we will choose the expansion of the soul that brings us back to our place of origin, that is to God, "love that moves the sun and the other stars". The realization, happens through our starting zodiac quality and our free will derived from the fall from the earthly paradise "we decided to choose with the tree of good and evil" as did the most beautiful of the Lucifer angels who fell with us in the matter, where the battle of life takes place, between selfish-evil-life or altruism-modesty-good.
The potential is energy, qualities plus planets, will plus directions, astrological houses, these are the instrument of our battle, knowledge-life that can elevate us or make us fall into the wheel of existence "Samsara".

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