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Donna Nella

With Support
of Angels
help people

°  Tarot Reading
°  Pyramid "Pendulum
°  Customized Talismans
°  Angels of Love
°  Energy, Luck, Power, Love

The prayers draw the attention of our personal guardian angel or one of the four archangels in particular,
Michele, Gabriele, Raffaele, Uriele.

Michele, Who requires strength and constancy to his actions and objectives.

Gabriel, represents the awareness of things, the revelation, one turns to him in search of an enlightenment.

Raffaele, is the protector of lovers, doctors and all those who protect life.

Uriele, is He who watches over, protector of the guardians and masters.

You can know the name of Your Guardian Angel by making a request to Donna Nella

There are objects and symbols on our planet that have the power to attract, radiate and direct vital energy. Real energetic devices.

Angels of love


Talismans, the most powerful force to solve your problems of love, work, negativity.

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