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Pyramids (Pendulum)
In rose quartz, amethyst, natural are powerful therapeutic tools, have the power to create or capture within them force fields different from those detectable in any other closed geometric space. This would have the power to produce beneficial effects on the person; it gives calm, well-being, serenity, energizes all the cells and organs of the body, human, bringing the body a renewed and extraordinary vitality.

Quartz Pyramid (Pendulum)

with necklace, metal and/or Rubber
of your zodiac sign
specially loaded for you
by Donna Nella,
protects you and helps you overcome
negative moments.
Work, Study, Love.

Energizing copper pyramid
The copper pyramid is an instrument capable of energizing man in a natural way and all the objects inside them.
The pyramids are able to rebalance the person's energies, especially when combined with other energy treatments.
They have no side effects or contraindications.
They promote physiological cellular development and personal growth.
The benefits on people and objects are manifold.
The sensations experienced are unique and difficult to find in any other way.

Energizing Pyramid
Base = cm. 152
Height = cm. 101

Should be present
in all homes, generates:

HOD8 la Gloria

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