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The assassination of Abel " The atonement "




          Jupiter Talisman
   The journey - Parsifal

Esoteric  Magic

For personal protection
In the name of ELOHIM TZABAOTH - God of hosts - Having adored
the creator and rector of everything under his holy name.  We invoke the Archangel MICHAEL of the sphere of HOD, the powerful spiritual being,
in which we personify the forces, which constitute that level of evolution
and the corresponding aspect of nature. We ask for the blessing of the Archangel MICHAEL and we ask him to command, to the order of angels: BENI ELOHIM - sons of GOD - assigned to that sphere, HOD - GLORIA, that they may be friends, and give help, in the kingdom of nature, in which they act; in KAKOB - MERCURY and in the spiritual vision of splendor. AMEN

The Great Opera

The raw material of the great work in the upper world is enthusiasm and activity.
In the intermediate world it is intelligence and industriousness.
In the lower world is work.  

Fears Enthusiasm Success
Human beings are formed of three main bodies,
In order to find enthusiasm, one must free oneself from fears,
After proper purification,  

* Get read of fears
* Find enthusiasm
* Be Successfull
Small rules for having them

Forces in the sign of Birth
Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto  

* The structure
   of the stars

  The astral forces
   in the sign of birth  

Guardian Angel
The prayers draw the attention of our guardian angel.
You can know the name of Your Guardian Angel by doing
request to Donna Nella    

Pyramidology, Benefits of Pyramidology:
Greater resistance to fatigue, more concentration in study and work,
better night's rest, psychological relaxation, relieves stress,
better recovery of energy at night, greater presence of sexual stimuli,
greater appetite, better breathing, decreased arthritic pain,
general physical efficiency improving.   

Copper Meditation Pyramid
The Copper Meditation Pyramid is designed with the same proportions as the Great Pyramid. It can be used to perform treatments and energy rebalancing, improves concentration, improves night's rest, relieves stress, speeds up energy recovery, rejuvenates the skin.     
Angel (Angels of Love)
Triangel dolls are native to Italy (Venice). Also known as Angels of Love, Angels of Destiny, Angels of Eros, they represent a sign of love.  

The Talisman is a protector of the person who possesses it, has characteristics that affect with luck, increases the sphere of opportunity.  

HOD8 la Gloria

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