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Free  yourself  of  fears

Free yourself of fears

human beings are formed of three main bodies; the first of them is THE PRINCIPLE that from nothing, in chaos is formed as energy that gives life, but that has no visible substance, measurable but only intuitable. Since we have defined it through millennia of human history, as a soul, derived from the divine spirit is of the same substance as its father "origin of all things".
The second body of our existence, we call it mind "or mental body" that we place in our brain it allows us to make experiences that we catalog and that are the main wall of our existence, and of our determining ourselves as particular beings, different from each other, but all with the same possibilities (we are what we think and the reflection of what we think), which is the result of everything that has happened in our life. Finally, the physical body allows us to move, relate and measure ourselves as complete individuals. Now everyone is aware of having a body that allows him to do, but it easily tells us that we are not that body but we feel that we are something that is inside us like a horse with its rider, because it is the rider who decides every move and not the body-horse that decides only after learning to walk, talk, etc.. First you put the information and then like a computer the physical body acts, so assuming that the body responds to commands, who is in charge in us? The answer is very easy: the Mind-Brain that decides but can not command, (eg: Body dies, this does not happen, can not say body heal, or do what it can not, such as flying) if you do not have in the brain of the information entered can not solve a complex problem that is within the reach of specially trained people. So the brain with its limits presents us the account of its possibilities, with a limited and dual reasoning if it thinks about love; to understand it it must think about the opposite feeling, hatred, Life-death, Peace-war, Health-disease, so below, continuously generating conflicting feelings and realities, which generate in each individual inconsistency and fear.
It also has its own way of being very useful, the primitive homosexual for fear of the weather, first found and then built a refuge for greater protection with other people, coming to build the world we know, made of roads, bridges, cities, etc..
This is what gets the brain that attaches itself to a world of collective memory that we call the mind. There is an indefinite place where the thoughts and experiences of all people at all times are stationed, and that is where we take the accumulated experiences, so if we don't know how to ride a bike after a while we are all able to do it.
*The bicycle to learn more about
Unless one of us is overwhelmed by the sense of insecurity and defense that rejects you, we know that everyone is able to learn how to pedal, but the person who refuses to stay in a closed place we call claustrophobic what he can not solve, but on the contrary, blocks, paralyzes.
FEAR must be deepened
To free ourselves from fears, we must first of all be aware that we are alive. To reduce the interference of the mental body, to abandon the dualism of contrary emotions and to throw ourselves with serenity towards the enthusiasm that projects us towards the realization of our desires, to pass from the mind to the soul that is our connection with GOD, Spirit-Energy that gives us the spiritual life, the creator who in manifesting himself in the matter is divided into masculine-feminine in active-passive and in us becomes enthusiasm-success I'm afraid-failure so, to overcome mental fears, we must rely on the life-soul with the enthusiasm of those who are already realizing the dream, sure to get with enthusiasm the realization. Fear amplifies the destructive value of any information with which it is associated. A human being governed by fear cannot make choices or take constructive actions.

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