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Find enthusiasm

To find enthusiasm, one must free oneself from fears, in this regard I want to suggest a definitive exercise to achieve this.
It is called cleansing of the BLACK WIRES; you act in this way: lie down or sit in a secluded place, where you will not be disturbed without phone, you should not interrupt due to external factors, then choose a place where on your right side no one will pass by, then lying down you proceed with a deep meditation without physical tension, you relax all muscles of the body, starting from the feet, up, up, to the muscles of the neck, face etc., when you are completely relaxed and without tension, almost a watchful sleep you will concentrate on your navel around which you begin to see small hairs protruding around (black threads). With the thumb and index finger of your mental right hand imagine you take a black thread and pull it until it comes out of your belly. All in a meditative, imaginative, not direct with the physical hand. This operation continues until you have removed all the black threads, to which you can give a reason; e.g. the time you have discussed with the guy, the fight with a relative or a friend, road quarrel etc., this until these threads present themselves to your visualization, throw them on your right side towards a wall or from an imaginary window, because if someone passed where you threw your grudges, he could take them. The energies come out from the right and come in from the left. The human body is like a magnet, half negative, left, half positive, right, so you greet it with your right hand, with which you exchange your individual energy.
The thoughts, if they bring to mind wounds in feelings such as love, hate, loved ones, parents, continue the cleaning of the black threads near the heart, always with imagination and visualization. When you feel good, (cleaned up), you have to imagine on your upper left, the arrival of white threads of light, which readily plunge into the same places to replace the emptiness of the black threads just removed. This operation can be repeated several times and has the purpose to remove suffering, fears and replace them with spiritual light, source of optimism-enthusiasm, desire to live and succeed, to be more confident and determined in life.

* Get read of fears
* Find enthusiasm
* Be Successfull

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