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The astral force in the bird sign

Astral forces in the birth sign

Moon in the sign
= dominant personality requirement

Sun in the sign
= the nature and energy of personal realization

Mercury in the sign
= Symbolizes how a person needs to consider himself or herself capable of realization.

Venus in the sign
= Socialization needs - ideally necessary for a person to realize themselves. LIKE

Mars in the sign
= Requirement to apply a certain type of energy in favor of this realization WILL

Jupiter in the sign
= indicates the need for a particular type of reward represented by the sign in which FILLED LOVE is found

Saturn in the sign
= The direct requirement to assimilate the learning process, in the internalization of the necessary verifications CLASSIFICATION MENTAL CONCRETE CONCRETEZATION Order and hierarchies
Strategic experience

Uranus in the sign
= represents the growth of personality

Neptune in the sign
= Its suppression, imagination compressed form

Pluto in the sign
= A global perspective a boost to seed directional quality.

* Get read of fears
* Find enthusiasm
* Be Successfull

Small rules for having them

HOD8 la Gloria

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